Business Directory

Another valuable resource is the annual Business Directory,
specifically designed to be a “must have” publication. The
2015 edition has expanded features on various facets of
community life, including membership, communications,
special events, committees, organizations and about our
town. Those often desired City Hall numbers, medical
facilities, transportation outlets, entertainment options
and other community resources are conveniently listed.

Advertising Opportunities

With the advent of an expanded web site, the
Chamber offers a variety of ways to expand
your marketing base by promoting your
product or service. Banner ads for 3, 6 and
12 months are available on the web site. Our
New Member Showcase is a unique way to
present your product or service.

Flyers & Inserts

One of the most effective ways to reach not only
the current membership, but other sectors of the
business community is with flyers and inserts into
our monthly electronic newsletters or our quarterly
letters to members. Every November we promote a
Special Holiday flyer package, a program that has
drawn high acclaim with the many inserts to reach
the entire membership distribution list. Call the
office for details on this special mailing.

Chamber Web Site

The development of the web site into an all inclusive
resource outlet for businesses and residents alike will
enable the Chamber to realize a revenue source that
could tap into thousands of advertising dollars. Based
on daily, weekly and monthly web site “visits” and
“hits,” advertising rates could grow exponentially over
the course of the next 1-3 years. The Cypress Chamber
intends to give you more than the time of day.

Membership Showcase

With the expansion of the Chamber web site
comes new opportunities through technology. The
Member Showcase, a customized video that can be
contoured to any product or service, will produce
a similar spontaneous link on our web site, one
viewed by continuing customers as well as those
looking for a referral for their needs.

“This Week in Cypress”

This weekly electronic calendar publication is
a valuable update on events and activities. It
includes types of events, times, places, costs and
additional information to help all supplement
their own calendars. It also includes events
and activities “On the Horizon” for people
wanting to make long-range plans.