A warm, dry Mediterranean climate prevails. Although Cypress is inland approximately 10 miles from the coast, it still bears coastal weather with a moderate climate and frequent fog in the summer. Most of the precipitation comes as rain during the winter months. The best seasons to visit are spring and fall but with the generally mild climate, outdoor activities are available year-round in Southern California. Orange County experiences 328 days of sunshine a year and an average daytime temperature of 73 degrees.

Monthly Averages

Month Avg. Low Avg. High Mean Avg. Precip Record High Record Low
Jan68°F46°F57°F2.95 in.93°F (2003)25°F (1963)
Feb68°F48°F58°F3.01 in.91°F (1995)33°F (1965)
Mar69°F50°F60°F2.43 in.98°F (1988)33°F (1964)
Apr73°F53°F63°F0.60 in.105°F (1989)38°F (1975)
May74°F58°F66°F0.23 in.104°F (2004)40°F (1964)
Jun78°F61°F70°F0.08 in.109°F (1981)47°F (1967)
Jul83°F65°F74°F0.02 in.107°F (1985)51°F (1960)
Aug85°F65°F74°F0.02 in.107°F (1985)51°F (1960)
Sep83°F64°F73°F0.24 in.110°F (1963)50°F (1965)
Oct79°F58°F69°F0.40 in.111°F (1961)39°F (1972)
Nov73°F50°F62°F1.12 in.101°F (1966)34°F (1958)
Dec69°F45°F57°F1.76 in.92°F (1958)28°F (1990)